Isolation creates Juneau's lifestyle

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, February 17, 2005

I have spent my entire life here in Juneau. I don't like any part of the Juneau road plan. It's expensive, damaging and unnecessary. I spend much of my time hunting, skiing, fishing, and exploring Juneau's surroundings. I am not willing to lose such an amazing place for the convenience of a few summer visitors. The Juneau road will not only cost taxpayers $281 million just to build, but jeopardize our quality and way of life. Like many other Juneau residents, I enjoy living in a place that's not accessible by driving. I also feel that the unique lifestyle this isolation affords made this community what it is today. According to the 2000 vote, the majority of citizens feel the same.

If not the people who live here, who would really benefit from this absurd project? More summer tourists? According to the Department of Transportation, about 4,000 RVers would benefit. The road would be risky at best in the winter and spring, if it's even open. DOT predicts that avalanches will keep the road closed frequently over the winter months. Like many others content with the ferry system here in Juneau, I have traveled these waters my entire life. Every time, I've been spoiled by the spectacular views of the steep mountains plunging into the waterline. And there are always interesting people on board. I can only hope that many more generations of people will have this opportunity to experience Lynn Canal as I have. Like the bumper sticker reads, if you want more roads, move down south.

Jake Ritter


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