What's behind recent wave of vandalism?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, February 17, 2005

I have lived in Juneau for over 25 years. Recently, my vehicle has been burglarized three times. The first time, on evening of Jan. 17, they broke my window to get in and stole my stereo, speakers and new jack. The second time, on evening of Feb. 7, they took my registration and proof of insurance papers. I later found them wet and frozen along with other discarded property in the ditch. This last time, on Feb. 14, my truck was rifled through again. Nothing was taken because there's nothing left to take. They did leave my door hanging open, which also prompted the neighbors to call the police. Yes, I called the Juneau Police Department the first time. They only took a report over the phone. The second time we took the truck to the station for the report. The third time, it was another phone report.

Why is this happening in such abundance and in such a short time all over Juneau? Is this because of the shift change at JPD? Are we already seeing the negative effects on the community in the changing of the shifts? Are there lesser hours spent cruising neighborhoods, or maybe not as many officers? I would sure like to know. Based on a recent article, vandalism and police blotter reports seem to be growing. Why is this happening?

Jewels Barmoy


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