Kids - and fetuses - will be kids

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, February 17, 2006

I have kids ages 14 years to 5 months, so I have experience with kids and helmets. My first thought is how often kids leave homes with helmets, but they don't stay on. I know this because I have talked with other parents. I know my kids show up at destinations with the helmet around the handle bars or in some hidden location to be retrieved on the way home, as do kids coming to my house. Short of parents following their kids to and from every location, we can't not insure our kids will wear that helmet from point A to point B.

I think about my son and his friends playing in the summer. He and a friend fixed this old three-wheel bike, and they ride it around. The kids that know him have even been known to borrow it on occasion. They hook everything from wagons, sleds, to strollers to it, pulling each other around and having a blast being kids. They attach baskets to it and ride his sisters up and down the roads. It's usually spontaneous fun, and nobody has a helmet when kids come over. This summer this bike will sit, collect dust and no more memories will be made. Fun child times will be lost for a group of kids where childhood is more mature than it should be. They now lose another way to just have fun and be kids.

Helmets protect, I don't disagree. To think that it should be a law is nonsense. My son was hit by a truck. The guy swerved and hit him at the edge of our driveway. He wasn't wearing a helmet. Who expects to be hit in their own driveway? He is fine. Today he's a football player, wrestler and honor roll student. Then you have a child who is walking, gets hit and now has issues he has to contend with for the rest of his life because of head trauma. Remember he was walking. Shall we now make kids walking wear helmets? Kids get hurt. We shouldn't stop them from being children, from enjoying the pleasure of life for fear that they'll be injured.

I wonder where all these laws and compassion for children's safety and quality of life are when kids are being killed every day in what should be the safest place to live, a mother's womb.

Victoria Scharen


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