Hormones influence teens, not politics

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, February 17, 2006

Anti-abortionist Jim Sedlak was paraphrased in Eric Morrison's above-the-fold front-page story Feb. 15 as predicting the (long-needed) services of Planned Parenthood in Juneau would cause an "explosion of teenage sexual activity." That's a bit of a stretch.

Teens will continue to explore themselves as sexual beings whether or not the clinic is made welcome in Juneau. Hormones, not politics, is what influences teen sexual behavior. However, the outreach and education that is part of Planned Parenthood's mission does have a chance of influencing teen behavior towards safe sex or abstinence until a committed relationship.

Remember too, it's not just teenagers that require contraceptive help and options for unintended pregnancies. The fact that this debate exists is evidence of the increasing incursions into our personal freedom. Those who feel strongly that abortion is murder will choose to not have abortions. That is a personal decision that I can respect. What I can't respect is those so-called pro-lifers trying to run my life.

Emily A. Kane


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