Job opportunities on display at Juneau fair

Nearly 40 local employers reach out to Juneau job seekers at annual event

Posted: Wednesday, February 17, 2010

For workers just starting out in a career, as well as those re-entering the workforce or looking for different employment, the Spring 2010 Juneau Job Fair offers a chance to meet with nearly 40 employers.

Michael Penn / Juneau Empire
Michael Penn / Juneau Empire

For employers, the sixth-annual fair, to be held from 2-6 p.m. today at Centennial Hall, is a chance to introduce their company and meet possible future employees.

"We have had some great people work for us who just happened to drop by our booth before," Gastineau Guiding operations manager Elizabeth Wertheimer said. "For us, it is really important to have local people from the community work at Gastineau Guiding because our goal is to have them share their home, so to speak, their local knowledge, love and enthusiasm about the outdoors and being outside in Southeast."

Gastineau Guiding hired some employees after last year's job fair, and is currently looking for new workers. The company is popular with those with science backgrounds or interested in marine biology, or University of Alaska Southeast students who are looking for summer employment, Wertheimer said. She suggested applicants should be ready to ask questions.

"People who can make conversation are usually people who would make great guides," she said.

Juneau Job Center Manager Michael Hutcherson said the city's job market is perfect for applicants in tourism, hospitality, seasonal work and retail. State agencies, nonprofit organizations, private and public sectors will be available at the fair. The JJC job bank, which doesn't represent all available jobs, has 235 openings listed currently.

"The value of the job fair is you are going to have the opportunity to meet directly with human resources personnel for 40 to 50 potential businesses," Hutcherson said. "You also have the opportunity, in some cases, to be interviewed and potentially have an offer of work transpire right at the fair."

The job center tries to prep job seekers for the interview process through individual or group workshops. The center will staff a station at the fair to help job seekers update their resumes, as well as provide resume tips, access to available job listings and searching techniques.

Breeze In Human Resources Coordinator Francy Stoyer said he normally receives a high number of applications from unqualified job seekers at store locations, and does not always have time to call applicants back. Stoyer has attended the last four job fairs; the 2009 fair produced three permanent employees.

"For me, it opens up a door for the people who normally wouldn't come to the Breeze In to apply," Stoyer said. "Normally at the job fair I find those people out there that are looking for permanent employment, steady work and a good job."

Sgt. Maurice (Mo) Hughes of the Alaska State Troopers Anchorage recruitment unit will attend on behalf of the state Department of Public Safety. Hughes is recruiting Alaska wildlife troopers.

"It is a really good idea for us to go to this job fair," DPS spokesperson Beth Ipsen said. "It is good for us to look for applicants within the state because they already know what Alaska is like; they won't be in for big surprises. And there are people qualified within our own state."

The job fair is presented by the Juneau Empire and Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development

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