Wolves are killers

Posted: Monday, February 18, 2002

I spent nearly all of my first 67 years in Gustavus where my grandparents, parents, and later my first husband and I homesteaded, cleared the land and raised families. Gustavus is approximately 25 minutes from Juneau by plane. Before we make Douglas Island a welcome haven for wolves, think of the hazard to your domestic creatures. One winter, five Gustavus homes lost their dogs to wolves!

One year a wolf took my daughter's dog right off the front porch. The choker chain and four inches of her tail is all that were left. Gene, my late husband, and I followed the bloody trail in the snow about one-half mile until the tracks went off into the thicket. Not a trace of Gloria's dog was found.

That same winter we had a pretty white horse killed in the snow. There was white hair hanging from the lower limbs of the tree above and other indications of her last struggle. I couldn't tell you how many cats the wolves have taken over the years. Some wolves are magnificent animals to see - but efficient killers. They have to be. This is how they survive.

We had a good view from our upstairs window, and before going downstairs I'd taken a quick look at our field. On one occasion, I saw three wolves after our dog. One wolf was on each side and the third behind Laddy. He just barely made it to the house.

The state of Alaska has spent I don't know how much trying to control the wolf problem up north. Maybe the person who wiped out a family of wolves on the back side of Douglas Island has saved us (and our children) much grief.

Anne L. Gregg


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