Ignorant of the facts

Posted: Monday, February 18, 2002

I must respond to Tom Dragt's letter of Feb. 14 lest any reader thinks that it may contain even a smidgen of truth.

Not one thing that Mr. Dragt said about my article was correct! He has no clue of my idea for a wild animal "preserve" because the article did not describe it. Is Mr. Dragt hallucinating?

Concerning the personal misinformation about me: I've lived in Alaska nearly 40 years, not 20, and I have no intention of leaving! Sorry about that Mr. Dragt. I have lived and worked in many northern Alaska communities, including Barrow, the northerly-most point of land in the state. One place where I've never had an office is in a cubicle of the State Office Building (SOB). I do know many good Alaskans who work at the SOB and who would like to spend more time in the woods, out of their cubicles, but unfortunately they have to work for a living.

Mr. Dragt has the right to disagree with anything, most people do. The difference between them and Mr. Dragt is that they are not ignorant of the facts. It "appears" to be a fact that it is legal, in Alaska, to trap wolves to extinction. It is a "proven" fact that it is illegal, in Alaska, to operate a vehicle while under the influence of hallucinatory substances. While this law may not pertain to dog mushers, I suggest that before driving a vehicle, Mr. Dragt check out his source of wild mushrooms lest his hallucinations land him in a cubicle not of his own choosing.

Lowell S. Barrick


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