My Turn: Legislators are passing present problems to future generations

Posted: Monday, February 18, 2002

There appears to be a lot of attention on having general public support for legislative actions now being considered to handle Alaska's problems. Here is advice about this worry, Alaska Legislature!

By gradually getting people used to public subsidies, government apparently raised the average standard of living. But it's been at the cost of creating public dependence on government for livelihood. Using this "garbage bear citizenship," people will naturally hold you unpopular if you try to curb this gravy train.

Bureaucracy naturally and plausibly defends itself against attempts to curb its expansion and budget allocations. Job security is at stake. Affordable bureaucracy can be obtained by holding its parts accountable for measurable-verifiable results no evidence of viable results means no future allocation. However, taking into account the average human character, there will always be lies, fraud and scandals. So why seek popularity from managing bureaucracy when it obviously can't be had?

Mental health special interests-drug companies, with "friendly science," cultivate the cultural attitude that it's easiest to have happiness and well-being with psychoactive chemicals and drugs with government subsidies. So how can you wonder at rampant public substance abuse? You won't be popular if you cut people off from this cheap, quickie happiness.

The Alaska State Constitution, after enumerating the inherent rights of people, goes on to say "and that all persons have corresponding obligations to the people and to the state." Given sub-50 percent voter turnout, you seek general acceptance after reminding people of that!

Any mild attempt to look into the future shows that the human species has grown too big to fit properly on Earth's surface. But to ignore the biological and religious imperatives of the human species to 1) continue increase of its numbers, and 2) extend individual life span, is like ignoring that the tide will come in. Even Nature can no longer curb our numbers with disease, like it did in Europe in the Middle Ages. We have too much medical science muscle now. Wars don't work well either notice the historical resistance to women in the military, despite technology reducing the need for physical strength. The unspoken biological imperatives allow for killing off most of the men, since population would rapidly recover with "socially and religiously justified" polygamy or artificial insemination (or now cloning). Check out, for example, the Old Testament holy mandates for population dominance. God ordered mankind to go forth and populate and rule the earth. Well, mankind has complied! Now what?

Perhaps you should trouble yourselves with state cultivation of constituent spirit and ingenuity to optimally create space and opportunity for themselves and future generations. Government can encourage but only people can do. Look up historical solutions young America was faced with similar economic conditions and problems that Alaska has now. For example, read Alexander Hamilton's "On Manufactures" (talks about weaning the U.S. from being an agrarian country), or look up policies Thomas Jefferson, etc., used to execute "Manifest Destiny." Or take the example of the New World discovery and development by Old World civilization. Be careful with this, though. The sentience suppression and violence employed in the conquest and rape of the Americas is one of blackest acts in humankind's history. We, and the victims, suffer from it still. Perhaps the Christopher Columbuses and Leif Ericksons of human expansion into the ocean depths (more technologically feasible than space) will lead a more civilized conquest.

You worry about getting general public support in the face of this, and after past and present lawmakers have helped create the public attitude conductive to present generation selfishness and economic slavery. You should worry about posterity instead particularly the future children of youths of the present. It's a larger constituency! But go ahead. Continue on your present course of avoidance of action and passing on problems to future generations. Worry about getting "general public support," after the pollution of ways to make it possible. I guarantee that Posterity will curse your names and spit on your graves.

Stuart Thompson of Auke Bay identifies himself as a voter and a 1975 graduate of Juneau Douglas High School.

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