Get over this and that

Posted: Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Regarding your editorial, "Elton's record of dissent", published Feb. 14, the Senate Journal shows that Sen. Elton asked for reconsideration of Senate Joint Resolution No. 4, by inserting an amendment resolving that the state Legislature urge Congress to debate exploration and development of ANWR in the "context of a national energy policy that includes measures to improve fuel efficiency and energy conservation." Sens. Davis, Ellis, Guess, Hoffman and Olson joined Elton in support of the amendment. Only after the amendment's defeat did Sen. Elton cast the lone dissenting vote against the resolution.

What's wrong with that? This is what you refer to as Elton's "unwavering commitment to anti-development causes?" So what if he does not march in lockstep with the Murkowskis and Bushes and Don Smiths who seek to stifle all debate concerning the rape of our land?

In your endorsement of Cathy Muñoz last October, you took Sen. Elton to task for being "one of only five in the entire Legislature to vote against a resolution to protect the American flag." I guess you would rather see the Bill of Rights burned. Why do you even bother with your daily endorsements of the First Amendment on the op-ed page?

In the meantime, get off Kim Elton's case. Cathy Muñoz lost - get over that, too.

Don Birdseye


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