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Posted: Friday, February 18, 2005

... for kind strangers

On Sunday, Jan. 30, my car died at the intersection of 10th and Egan. All rational thought flew out the window and was replaced by panic; I couldn't even find my hazard lights. I was in and out of the car in the rain directing traffic away from my lane. Thankfully, using my cell phone, I was able to call Paul of Capital Towing. While waiting for him to arrive, a nice young man with his family in the car stopped to offer his assistance. He suggested I turn on my hazard lights, but he couldn't find them either, so he opened my hood to alert the oncoming traffic, and he offered to stay with me. Another man with a truck offered to tow me across the street. I declined, knowing that the tow truck would soon be there, but it was so nice to have these kind offers. It made an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation easier to bear. When Paul of Capital Towing arrived, he was able to get my car started and after crossing to a parking area, he checked everything out and all seemed fine. He suggested I drive out to the glacier and back to charge my battery, and since I was worried about my car giving out on me again, he offered to follow me as far as Fred Meyer, which he did. I just want to give a public thank you to all of you who stopped and offered your services, and to Paul of Capital Towing, who went above and beyond, even on a Sunday!

Sally Slater


...for keeping kids safe

On Saturday, Feb. 5, Bartlett Regional Hospital had the privilege to sponsor the 14th annual Kid Safe event at Centennial Hall. The primary emphasis of this event was to provide the children of Juneau with the knowledge and skills needed in hopes of reducing the chance of a preventable accident. Thirty-one local agencies and organizations came together to provide this information to children and their parents. Bartlett Regional Hospital would like to thank the following individuals and agencies for all their hard work and time: Paul Comolli and all the JPD officers, Karen Lawfer and the Safe Kid Coalition, Dayle Tennison, Phil Paramore and the Centennial Hall crew, Crandell Mark at Zach Gordon Youth Center, Kristen Romanoff with Alaska Fish & Game, Karen Mahr at the U.S. Forest Service, Bruce Bowler and the Juneau Gun Club, Brenda Carlson, Kathi Goddard and the AWARE Shelter, Richelle Burns & AEL&P, Becky Hinman with the Gastineau Humane Society, Rich Etheridge and the Juneau fire department EMTs, Chief Kihlmire and the USCG Marine Safety Office, Marilyn Coffman and the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Airlift Northwest, Carleen Bergquist and the American Red Cross, Justine Muench, Marlene Love and Capital Transit, Princess Tours, Rae Dodd and Tongass Regional Eye Clinic, Robin Fiscus and Northland Audiology, the Juneau Joeys, Bill Glude, the Bartlett Hospital Guild, the outstanding volunteers from the JDHS health classes of Kelly McCormick and Nicki Richert, NCADD, Robert Plumb from the State Fire Marshall Office, and Carol Scafiron and Juneau Convention & Visitors Center. In addition, a big thank you to Percy Martin and the Alaska Native Sisterhood, Camp No. 2 for providing the free lunches on the day of the event.

Finally, we would like to give a big thanks to the Bartlett Regional Hospital employees who gave their time. Again, thank you.

Heather Newby and John Wray

Coordinators of Kid Safe

... to Ms. Melissa Lamb

Every once in a while you have the opportunity to meet someone who without even knowing it, changes your life. They might do this by a kind gesture, a listening ear, or maybe just by simply believing in you and the greatness they know you possess.

This rarity does happen and we have been so lucky to experience it at Glacier Valley Elementary. Unfortunately she is moving, and all too soon we will lose this second grade teacher.

Ms. Melissa Lamb is a shining example of the kind of teacher that parents dream of helping our children on their journey to explore, expand and embrace their education. Ms. Lamb has spent countless hours and energy going that extra mile to ensure every child she encounters has at least one positive learning experience. I know her efforts have paid off when I look at my once shy, self-conscious and frustrated child, now a third-grader full of confidence, happiness and excitement to learn. Thank you Melissa for all you did to make learning something the kids wanted to explore, expand and embrace.

For this family and one special little girl, you are the teacher that made the difference. We all thank you for that. You will be missed.

Casey DenAdel

One grateful mom

... for your professionalism

The event staff at Centennial Hall deserve a big thank you for their professional work. The Juneau Audubon Society held a public lecture in Centennial Hall last Thursday night that drew over 250 people. This crowd was substantially more than the set up we'd asked the staff to do. Without complaint, they recognized the problem and quietly set up two extra rows of chairs as the talk was underway so those standing could have seats. Before the talk, a staff person carefully explained how to use the various microphones, projectors and lights. When we had a problem, they were standing by to assist us.

The level of service was beyond what I'd expected. Juneau is fortunate to have a facility like this, and a staff that runs it so well. Thank you.

Matt Kirchhoff


Juneau Audubon Program

... for a helpful push

I'd like to extend a very warm thank you to the two women who stopped to help me when my truck was stuck in the snow in the middle of the Egan Drive intersection, across from Safeway. It was 5 p.m. on Saturday, and the roads were snowy and icy. I was feeling overwhelmed and scared, and these two gave me some reassurance. They set themselves apart from everyone else who drove around me and didn't bother to help. It's good to know that there are still people who will make the effort to help someone in an unfortunate situation.

Rebekah Garcia


... to the Breeze In

Southeast Regional Resource Center, Alaska's Educational Resource Center, would like to publicly thank and acknowledge the Breeze In for its donations of food to the Adult Education Center. The Breeze In has generously donated bagels and doughnuts on a regular basis for several years. It has provided a great source of sustenance for many students. The Breeze In's generosity is a true reflection of its commitment to our community. Thank you again for all you do for our students.

Lisa Bogert, staff

Southeast Regional Resource Center

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