Outsiders: Cameron Byrnes

Posted: Sunday, February 18, 2007

Age: 55.

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Occupation: Photographer and tour guide.

Favorite outdoor activity: My absolute favorite outdoor activity is taking pictures. I just like to go out in the woods and shoot all sorts of different things and push myself to try new things. And more and more, I enjoy taking other people along and teaching them how to use their own gear.

Favorite spot: I really like the two trails out the end of north Douglas. I spend a lot of time out there, and it is fun to experience different seasons, watch how the plants change.

Favorite outdoor memory: One day when we were out on a boat with tourist looking to shoot whales, it was early in the morning and we were the only boat. There were whales all around, but they were all a long way away. It was just so peaceful and quiet. You could hear them blow. It was really magical.

Favorite outdoor sport: I don't do sports much, but I really like watching the kids play soccer.

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