Josh Lehauli remains undefeated

Posted: Monday, February 18, 2008

Josh "The Tongan Warrior" Lehauli remained undefeated after he stopped Ryan Wong in the main event of Roughhouse Friday boxing at Marlintini's Lounge.

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Michael Penn / Juneau Empire
Michael Penn / Juneau Empire

In a matchup of two undefeated knockout artists, the 21-year-old Lehauli improved to 8-0 with seven knockouts with the win while the 31-year-old Wong fell to 2-1.

In the first round, Lehauli stretched out both of his arms, opening himself up, but then rocked Wong with an uppercut to force referee Joe Isturis to issue a standing-eight count. Wong showed heart in the second round, but Lehauli's power proved too much as Isturis stopped the fight.

Here's a rundown of Friday's boxing and mixed martial arts action:

• Nick "The Nightmare" Morgan, 23, returned to the ring to defeat Hector "Bam Bam" Marrero, 32, via decision.

Marrero, a former amateur boxer who hadn't fought in four years, won the first round by effectively blocking Morgan's punches and being aggressive. He dropped the second round, however, as he opted to allow Morgan to punch himself out to tire him.

In the third round, Morgan battled through a bloody nose to improve his record to 5-3.

Following the fight, Matt "The Goat" Coppick challenged "The Nightmare" to a potentially lucrative fight in March. The two agreed to put up two weeks worth of paychecks for the fight.

• Aaron "The Red Baron" Tucker, 18, defeated first-time-fighter Ryan Williams, 19, by knockout. After an even first round, Tucker stunned Williams in the second then connected with a huge right to stop the fight.

• Royal "Crown Royal" Hudson, 17, came back to defeat 22-year-old "The Samoan Warrior" Rudolf Nauer. After Nauer forced Isturis to issue a standing-eight count to Hudson in the first round, "Crown Royal" rebounded to win the second and third rounds despite giving up about 40 pounds to his opponent.

• Twenty-five-year-old Bullwinkle's employee Logan Henkins snapped a four-bout losing streak after downing Ray Brodgon, 29, in the third round. Brodgon showed energy in the first round by exploding from his corner to land the first punches. Henkins rebounded to knock his opponent down in the second and third rounds before Brodgon retired.

• First-time fighter Edward Rusch defeated fellow rookie Sundown Arasmith. The sun started to set for Arasmith when Rusch attacked his body and forced a standing-eight count. After dropping the second round, Arasmith made an impressive third-round comeback but it was too late. Rusch said the win, "proved I was here for it."

• Charles Paul Bagoyo, 20, picked up his second win after knocking out Jeremiah Beedle, 28, in the second round. Beedle hung tough until Bagoyo connected with a right hook to jaw that sent him falling like a tree.

• Fighting for the fun of it, 20-year-old Norman "Thunder Punch" Flood III, defeated 40-year-old Ronald "Raven" Wheat. The shorter Flood stayed focused and avoided Wheat's reach. Wheat tired early and Flood said his opponent couldn't hurt him. "His punches were so weak," Flood said. "It felt like my eight-year-old nephew was hitting me."

• In the most evenly matched mixed martial arts fight of the night, 26-year-old Mo Soltani forced 29-year-old Anthony "Jinx" Parr to tap out 1 minute, 23 seconds into the second round. The bout mainly stayed on the ground as Parr twice pinned Soltani to the mat in the first round. Soltani took over in the second round, however, delivering multiple punches to Parr's head to earn the win.

• In an uneven, gory MMA fight, Ketchikan's Chaun "Furious Fu Dog" Donell, 42, defeated first-time MMA fighter Charlie Gallant, 18, of Hoonah. Donell attacked Gallant from the opening bell. The experienced Ketchikan fighter then got Gallant to the ground and battered his face. Gallant didn't tap out, but referee Bob Haag, who also served as the event's promoter, stopped the fight after the Hoonah fighter's eye nearly swelled shut. The normally vociferous crowd yelled, "Call the fight, save the kid," during the mismatch. "I didn't know much about my opponent so I tried to figure out his game," Donell said. "Then I realized he didn't really have a game and I wish the fight was called sooner."

• Tommy "The Hooligan" Williams forced Hoonah's Billy Peters to submit to an arm-bar in an MMA battle. Williams improved to 9-0 with the win while Peters dropped his first-ever MMA bout. "I didn't train for the fight and I don't work out but I was a good wrestler in high school so I decided to try," Peters said.

The next Roughhouse Friday will be March 14 and may feature the first women's MMA fight.

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