KTOO now broadcasts on digital TV channel 3

Posted: Wednesday, February 18, 2009

JUNEAU - KTOO-TV is now broadcasting on digital TV Channel 3, and has also added digital TV service for Lemon Creek. PBS and Alaska One programming is available on DTV Channel 3.1, while 360 North and Gavel to Gavel Alaska programming is on DTV Channel 3.2.

KTOO-TV also will continue to operate on analog Channel 3 in downtown Juneau until the new federal transition deadline of June 12.

The change does not affect viewers who watch KTOO on GCI Cable, DirecTV or Dish Network.

Viewers who watch over the air with an antenna or rabbit ears area may need to "re-scan" their digital TV sets or convertor boxes to receive the new channels.

The new service is part of the nationwide conversion to digital television, mandated by federal law. KTOO-TV's main digital TV transmitter has been in operation since July 2004. The new Lemon Creek service will bring the first local over-the-air digital television to viewers outside of downtown Juneau.

As part of the change, KTOO-TV's analog transmitter for Lemon Creek has moved from analog channel 10 to analog Channel 4.

Viewers need a DTV convertor box or a newer TV set with the ability to tune in digital channels. Most new TV sets sold within the past year have built-in digital tuners. Older TVs can receive digital television signals with the addition of a DTV convertor box, sold locally at Radio Shack, Fred Meyer and Wal-Mart. Consumers are eligible to apply for two $40 discount coupons for the convertor boxes. More information is available at www.dtv.gov.

KTOO expects to add similar digital TV service for the Mendenhall Valley and Auke Bay within the next few weeks. The digital TV service for the Mendenhall Valley and Auke Bay also will be broadcast on DTV Channels 3.1 and 3.2.

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