Thunder Mountain to raise funds with comedy hypnotist

Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2010

Imagine taking a dream vacation to Hawaii, driving in the car of your dreams, or winning the lottery - all in one night!

This is what will happen this weekend as Thunder Mountain High School presents a unique comedy experience to Juneau audiences. The school will feature Jason Linett, a nationally-known comedy hypnotist, who will present three shows as a fundraiser for the cheerleaders. There will be three shows: at 8 p.m. Friday, and at 2 and at 8 p.m. on Saturday, all at the Thunder Mountain High School auditorium.

"The hypnosis show combines the fun of audience participation with the incredible abilities of the mind" said Linett, of Alexandria, Virginia. "It's the ultimate reality show."

Audiences can expect to see willing volunteers rapidly induced into a hypnotic trance and then given funny suggestions. The show is appropriate for all ages.

"I don't embarrass the volunteers, and I don't even let them embarrass themselves."

Some of Linett's favorite suggestions during the show include turning himself invisible and turning volunteers into celebrity impersonators. Linett has performed at schools, comedy venues, and corporate events across the country.

Student tickets are on sale now for $15 and adult tickets are $20. The proceeds will benefit the Thunder Mountain Cheer Board.

For details, contact Julie Wyatt at 957-0380, or visit

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