State should act on sex abuse of animals

Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm perplexed, disheartened and embarrassed for our state when I read the statement from Annie Carpeneti of the Department of Law regarding House Bill 6 (Juneau Empire, Feb. 15).

By not supporting House Bill 6, our state's administration is effectively saying OK to sexual violence despite Gov. Sean Parnell's initiative to tackle domestic violence.

While you may think that sexual violence against an animal has nothing to do with sexual violence against humans, it has been proven that violent criminals often begin their cycle of violence with animals. In fact, some may even continue the cycle of violence with animals even after being convicted for sexual violence against young boys, as did the criminal who tied up a family's Labrador to a tree, and then bound and raped it in Klawock.

As though protecting animals wasn't enough, this bill, if passed would help protect people against violent sex offenders and ultimately encourage a safer society. It is becoming clear to me that our current administration is not going to deviate from its political agenda and step up into areas where real differences can be made. I will remember this on election day.

Mike Dziuba


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