War on terrorism

Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2002

In a civilized country violence is used only as a last resort as a solution for conflict resolution.

The current war on terrorism will never end because the use of violence begets yet more violence. How then, can peace be achieved?

By beginning a dialogue of how peace can be achieved without the use of violence and war.

Thus in an effort to work for peace I have approached various legislators about the idea of a legislative resolution to begin the dialogue of peace. Initially the resolution was quite simple: Stop the war. But in my discussions with various legislators I began to see that it was not that simple. First a dialogue must occur; ironically the idea of talking out differences instead of using violence is taught every day in elementary schools, yet the legislators need reassurance that dialogue is a viable alternative to the use of violence and war.

If you are concerned about the war, and you want to work for peace, please help by contacting legislators in support of the idea of this resolution to begin the dialogue of peace.

Jed Whittaker


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