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Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2002

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Are the pressures of parenthood weighing you down? State of Alaska Division of Family and Youth Services informed me that leaving a child with a babysitter and then disappearing for days at a time does not constitute abandonment. As long as the babysitter is a responsible adult, you don't even need the consent of the babysitter. I've seen it happen. I commend DFYS for such a strong commitment to the welfare of the children.

Richard Phillips

I've been inspired by Saturday sunshine to write a poem:

Winter sunshine,

Through my windows,

Brings cobwebs everywhere!

To clean or play?

A brief dilemma.

Dixie Hood

Thank you Glen Broaddus, manager of Kmart. When I asked to speak with him regarding a complaint I had, he was available immediately. He took prompt action on my behalf and handled the situation satisfactorily. I think Juneau is very fortunate to have him, as is Kmart. Thanks again, Glen.

Shirley McCoy

I would suggest to Mr. Dean Poll of Ely, Minn., that if he doesn't like Juneau with trees and bears, he can just go back to Minnesota, where they have already mowed down their trees and killed all their bears.

Dennis P. Harris

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