Why they're in the play

Posted: Thursday, February 19, 2004

• Dani Byers: "I read these stories and thought they were amazing, moving, powerful and funny. I think it's amazing what Eve's done, that she's put these into light. And I honestly love the shock value."

• Anna Gagne-Hawes: "There's a piece written by Native American women, 'Crooked Braid," and I remember last year when Perseverance performed the piece, the man behind me started crying, just loud tears. He was a Native American man, and he was sobbing. I had already seen the play at that point, and I had my favorite monologues, but I had never heard that piece before. The fact that he was crying was very affecting."

• Kaci Hamilton: "It's an opportunity to point out that women are beautiful sexual beings, and there are very negative connotations and very derogatory attitudes toward things about women that shouldn't exist. Women need to realize that they don't have to feel ashamed or feel unworthy about being women."

• Lily Hudson: "I got involved not only for the value of supporting women being women, but for the opportunity to speak about vaginas, which is still a faux pas or taboo. My friends make fun of me all the time for talking about vaginas or talking about inappropriate sexual experiences in mixed company. This is my opportunity to put it out there on stage. I'm happy to have a venue to talk about the things I want to talk about."

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