A clinical misnomer

Posted: Sunday, February 19, 2006

I can see why any discussion about Planned Parenthood always turns to abortion. It is their primary goal. It is their big money maker. It has already been stated in the Juneau Empire that Planned Parenthood would get an abortionist for the Planned Parenthood Clinic. So, the name "Planned Parenthood" is a misnomer. It is an unsuitable term. It doesn't help parenthood - rather it destroys it. It's not family friendly or teen friendly. It does not have the best interests of any person at heart. It is not a health care organization.

There are number of clinics in Juneau to assist people with their health problems: the Public Health Center, the Juneau-Douglas High School clinic, Comprehensive Pediatric and Adolescent Care, SEARHC Juneau Medical Center, Wellspring-Integrative Medical Center, Care Net Center, Women and Adolescent Health Program, Denali Kid Care Center, Medicaid recipients and undoubtedly other medical clinics.

The pro-life movement does not harm anyone. It may make you uncomfortable, but if it is wrong, then they are guilty of trying to deny a woman a constitutional right. If the pro-abortion side is wrong, they are directly responsible for the mass murder of thousands of innocent children. So, which would be better? To be pro-life and wrong, or pro-abortion and wrong?

Planned Parenthood's long-term aim is abortion. They have stated that.

Sari Monagle


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