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Quilt raffle will raise funds to save the Sentinel Island Lighthouse

Posted: Wednesday, February 20, 2002

A unique lap quilt made by two local women will be raffled off to benefit the Sentinel Island Lighthouse.

The two seamstresses are Terry Hoskinson and Judy Regan. "It's a joint effort among us all," said Renee Hughes, who coordinated the project.

Hughes and her husband Gary Gillette have been granted a lease on the historic structure, located 25 miles northwest of Juneau, but must come up with preservation funds for the non-profit enterprise.

"The Gastineau Channel Historical Society had just done the state-wide quilt survey, and we thought this would be a good spin-off," Hughes said.

"Renee spoke to me as we were walking on Basin Road one day," said Hoskinson. "She knew I was into quilting. She asked me if I would be interested in doing a quilt for the Sentinel Island group. I said, 'If Judy wants to do it, I will do it.'"

Hoskinson had just completed a quilt using the Storm At Sea block design, and she and Regan decided to incorporate that into the lighthouse quilt. "And Renee had the designs of the various Southeast lighthouses that she had drawn for stained glass work. Judy knew the method for stained glass quilting. So we put it all together," Hoskinson said.

The suggestion for the quilt surfaced during the summer of 2000. "We worked hard that fall," Hoskinson said. "Then I left during the legislative session and returned in May. We finished it up then."

The blocks include Sentinel Island, Eldred Rock, Point Retreat, Five Fingers, Cape Decision and Cape St. Elias.

"It was fun to do," said Regan, who regularly gives classes at Rain Tree Quilting. "It worked well for us, and it's for a good cause." Regan has been quilting for about 10 years. Before that, she sewed costumes for the Juneau International Folk Dancers group.

The use of bias tape in black and white gives the one-of-a-kind quilt a dramatic look.

Raffle tickets for the quilt are $5 each or five for $20. They are available through historical society members. For details, call Renee Hughes at 586-5338.

The quilt was displayed last month during the reception for a lighthouse display at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum, but does not have a permanent home at the moment.

"Hopefully during the summer, we will have the quilt on display downtown and people can see it and then purchase tickets at that venue," Hughes said.

Ann Chandonnet can be reached at achandonnet@juneauempire.com.

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