The trouble with winners and losers

Posted: Thursday, February 20, 2003


ike Empire Publisher Don Smith (Feb. 14 editorial), I am glad Sen. Elton voted against the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge resolution and I am proud of him for having the courage to be the one vote of dissent. Sen. Elton is speaking for constituents like myself who otherwise would never have their views represented. As author Barbara Kingsolver said in her most recent book of essays: "One problem with democracy as it plays in our country is that the majority rules so hard; we seem bent on dividing all things into a contest of Win and Lose and declaring that the Losers are losers." And to paraphrase Kingsolver: The many Alaskans who believe a small portion of the Arctic Coastal Plain should be left pristine and undeveloped are asked to disappear while the rest in Alaska work their will. Thank you, Sen. Elton, for giving us a voice on this issue in the Alaska Legislature, a voice we have never had represented by our congressional delegation in Washington.

Barbara Kelly


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