Slick marketing ploy?

Posted: Thursday, February 20, 2003

Wow, Don, you really got folks worked up! The letters to the editor seem to be running heavily against you at the moment. Still, I give you an attaboy for voicing the courage of your convictions, and printing so many of the negative responses your comments have generated. I just hope I'm not patting you on the back for a slick marketing ploy.

I agree with the folks that maintain there is nothing wrong with speaking out to local government about world issues.

I agree with you that the time and effort would probably be better spent putting the point across to our national leaders. Best use of resources and all that.

I disagree with those who think peace protests and marches serve only our enemies. They have proven definitively in the past to be effective in causing our government to re-examine its plans and priorities. The issue is war, and war is a bloody business for all parties involved, and often many who are not.

I don't believe U.N. negotiations are going to help the common citizens of Iraq. Saddam has already shown how little regard he has for U.N. resolutions put in place many years ago. Why let him define where the line is drawn in the sand?

I agree with the gentleman from Petersburg who suggests that if the Russians are coming up a little short on fish, they buy them from Americans - processors, if they can meet the demand legally, and ethically - or directly from fishermen. If we've got the fish, and they don't, let them pay a fair price for our resources. Cash on the barrelhead please.

John Weedman


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