Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, teens

Posted: Thursday, February 20, 2003

Recently I sat in on an after-school court session doing research. Thirty-six youths were there for alcohol, drugs and tobacco-related crimes. I repeat, 36 youths. Now in 30 days that is 1,080 youths who pass though our courthouse doors and cost this city money.

We are a semi -insulated city ,and yet look at our youth of tomorrow. We can all do something to help eliminate this problem. If you see a party going on in your neighborhood and there appears to be teens involved, call the police. Youths in cars drinking, call the police.

Those people who live out in Thane and if you see youths parked, call the police, because they are probably doing drugs. Those adults who are at the high school escorting your youth to class, if you see someone who does not appear to belong on campus, call officer Comolli, That goes for students also, since most carry cell phones. If parents kept track of their tobacco items, and adults stopped buying alcohol for teens and we turned in drug dealers, we could stop the alcohol, drugs, and tobacco problem in this city. Our youth are drowning. If we all did our part, we would have an empty after-school court, which I am sure would please the judge.

Gail Baker


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