Raz Sadeghi

Student artist in the spotlight

Posted: Friday, February 20, 2009

Age: 10

Photo Courtesy Of Tina Pasteris
Photo Courtesy Of Tina Pasteris

Grade: 5

Sex: Female

School: Riverbend Elementary School.

Reason: I like art because I like to randomly put things together. If I make a mistake, it doesn't count like a mistake, I just work with it. There is no right or wrong.

All in the family: My aunt is really good at it. She isn't a professional but she is really good. She makes posters of flowers. She lives in Australia.

Favorite artists: My kindergarten teacher Mrs. Walker is my favorite artist. I like music best. I like all music.

Future plans: I want to do a lot of art in school.

Other activities: I'm involved in Juneau Jumpers. I love to sing.

Something unique: I like to go crazy with my art. I like to take risks.

Her teacher Tina Pasteris says:

Raz loves our art projects and approached our poetry book unit with a quiet enthusiasm and steely focus. She is a serious young lady with a strong sense of self, yet she also has a playful side. The book she created for our Artist In Schools project with Evon Zerbetz reveals her exploration of these two aspects of her character. Some of her poems were really dark, but others were more lighthearted. Her collage for her Red poem illustration also shows this play between seriousness and fun where she created a face with eyes that have pigtail braids springing from the upper eyelids. The effect is both disturbing and hilarious.

In addition to enjoying our art projects, Raz also loves to sing. This is a good thing, because we sing a lot in my class.

She is very focused and observant. She works with intention. She has an eye for small unusual details. Raz has her own sense of style that brings a unique flair to her work.

• Student Artist in the Spotlight is a weekly feature on the Neighbors page done in collaboration with the Juneau School District Elementary Art Program.

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