Letter from 'another' Sean Parnell

Posted: Sunday, February 20, 2011

Alaska Federation of Natives President Julie Kitka mistakenly claims that last year’s Citizens United decision allows “foreign countries and corporations to contribute to elections” (“AFN officials bring concerns to lawmakers,” February 11). The Supreme Court specifically addressed the ban on foreign involvement in U.S. elections, and did not strike down the ban on foreign spending. A foreign citizen, company, union, government, or other entity is still prohibited from spending money in U.S. elections.

All that Citizens United did was eliminate laws that effectively prohibited voters and citizens from hearing the views of businesses, unions, advocacy groups, and other associations in elections. Alaska, like many other states, enjoyed an increase in free and unfettered political speech in 2010, something that should be celebrated in a free society.

Sean Parnell


Center for Competitive Politics

Alexandria, Va.

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