Small fire contained at Thane restaurant

Posted: Sunday, February 20, 2011

A small utility room fire at the Thane Ore House was caught early Friday morning, preventing a much worse outcome.

Bob Bellagh was walking his dogs and visiting his friend next door to the restaurant when he noticed smoke coming from what seemed like an unusual spot. Both men took quick action to get help as Bellagh alerted the nearby caretaker and Jason Ginter, a Nortech projects manager, put out the external siding fire with a fire extinguisher and called the fire department.

Meanwhile, the caretaker alerted the owners, who were inside.

Capital City Fire and Rescue responded and put out the remaining flames. The fire was contained to the one room without extensive damage.

Ginter said the fire was near a heating oil tank and said he was glad to see it taken care of before reaching that point.

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