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Posted: Monday, February 21, 2000

This in response to the person who wrote about her daughter being discriminated against. You don't know anything about prejudice and discrimination until you've been spit at, hated, called scum and thought of as stupid because of the color of your skin. I'm an Alaska Native and know what this feels like. Don't compare your paperwork to what we feel on a regular basis.

There is nothing the cruise industry would rather do than get rid of the Glory Hole. Then we could have another t-shirt shop. I live downtown and my quality of life is worsened far more by cruise ships, floatplanes and helicopters than anything the Glory Hole could ever do. For those of you who think you will never need the Glory Hole, say a prayer of thanks.

Wah, wah, wah. I have a telephone and I have an opinion and I am safe because this is anonymous. Wah, wah wah.

I am calling in response to the parent complaining about her child not being eligible for Native colleges. Try applying at a Native college. They're all over the United States where Native Americans were slaughtered out of sport or fear. I don't see how you can feel discriminated against.

The person who referred to the Glory Hole as a scum hole has obviously never been inside the place. The Glory Hole serves all kinds of people, including families with children, all of whom have this in common: They're human beings who need help.

Evidently these people who write or call and applaud this crazy idea of a fast ferry never use or depend on the ferries. They're usually late or broken so you can't make any plans and depend on the ferries. So why don't we have a road?

Back off our permanent fund dividends and allow gambling.

If building a road is such a bad idea, then why aren't other people in other areas with road access clambering to destroy their existing roads? The fight for the road has just begun. What the majority of the people want cannot be denied much longer.

To the person who wants to shut down the Glory Hole, my, oh my: Be careful what you say here. You might find yourself in need of their help. And before summer comes is the only time the people can be on the front sidewalk. In the summertime, they have to stay out back. Sorry about that, folks: Not everybody is rich.

This is about the ravens. You may be a Raven in your clan, but you're not one of those black birds that jump from garbage can to garbage can and leave messes and tickets for us to pay.

In response to the persons who want to close down the Glory Hole, those drunks and bums are your brothers and sisters, in God's way. Why don't you put away your self-righteousness and consider giving them a hand up. Let them use your shower, give them a warm place to sleep and help them find work instead of demanding that their only safe haven be closed. You should be ashamed of yourself.

It's amazing to listen to the pro-ferry proponents calling about pro-road people crying in their milk, when I suspect that the environmentalists would be suing by now in order to block road access if that was the option chosen. On the issue of Dredge Lake, I don't know that a public vote would be in favor of ATVs. I can't stand them.

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