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Posted: Wednesday, February 21, 2001

... for symphony support

The Juneau Symphony would like to announce the winners of our 2000-2001 season raffle. We drew the winning tickets at our Feb. 3 mainstage concert, at which a full house heard Linda Rosenthal perform with the symphony. The lucky winner of our first prize, a Caribbean cruise for two courtesy of Holland America Line-Westours, was Robert Cohen. Second prize, two tickets on Alaska Airlines, went to Joan Gilbertson. Third prize, a fishing weekend at the Weeping Trout Sports Resort at Chilkat Lake, was awarded to Pat Wolpert. The half-day fishing charter with Big Jim's Charters, our fourth prize, went to Bill Paulick, and Ellen Godwin took home the fifth prize, a beautiful framed print of sunflowers donated by Dr. Bob White.

Thank you to the donors of these wonderful prizes - with your help, we raised over $15,000 to support symphony operations. We also want to thank all our supporters who purchased raffle tickets this year and everyone who helped us sell raffle tickets, especially the staff at Nugget Mall, Mendenhall Mall, Hearthside Books in the valley and A&P Market, where ticket tables were set up. Musician Rick Pearson sold the most raffle tickets - for his efforts, he will be awarded $100.

We would also like to take this time to publicly thank our concert sponsors for this season: Holland America Line-Westours, Princess Tours, the University of Alaska Southeast and Alaska Pacific Bank. Corporate support is essential to present our concert season and we are grateful for the financial assistance provided us by these major donors. Special thank yous go to Princess Tours for providing bus service for over 600 fourth- and fifth-graders to our Music in the Schools concert on Feb. 2, and to the local Alaska Airlines office for transporting a string bass at a reduced shipping rate.

I would like to offer a final thank you to entire community of Juneau for making my first season as music director of the Juneau Symphony so special. I've never experienced elsewhere the warm welcome I have received from musicians, audience members and people about town. Juneau is blessed with both incredible talent and hospitality, and I thank you for sharing both with me.

See you at the symphony next season!

Kyle Wiley Pickett

Music Director

...for student support

I would like to thank the Juneau Racquet Club for helping support our students at Gastineau Elementary School. Thanks JRC!

Ethel Smith

Physicial Education

Gastineau Elementary School

... for travel help

I would like to thank the CCS for including me on their trip to Washington, D.C., on Feb. 2. I had the greatest time of my life despite problems I encountered.

I am a stay-at-home mother with two wonderful children. Needless to say I don't get out much. I have never been away from home in my life except for two trips with my family and one other trip to D.C. with the same group two years ago. As a result, I admit to being very naive and highly nervous about being separated from my travel group.

Due to lack of fluids, and the fact that I am a very nervous traveler, I had two unfortunately incidents during this last trip and the CCS group were so helpful and great. I did not want to worry anyone, but it was unavoidable given my lack of travel expertise. In fact, paramedics were called at one airport and this is the incident wherein I did not wish to be separated from my traveling companions. The paramedics insisted that I should be taken to the emergency room, but I was adamant that I stay with the group. They relented reluctantly advising me how to care for myself should it happen again.

My traveling companions were very helpful during the rest of the trip. Checking on me frequently, made sure I drank the necessary fluids to keep from dehydration and just comfortable in general. Their assistance in assuring I had a comfortable trip and good time is something I will never forget.

I wish to thank everyone involved with CCS who understood my dilemma and took me under their wing during the trip. If not for them I might not have had such a good time.

Eileen Ostman

... for presentation

On behalf of my Advanced Geometry classes, I would like to thank Lt. Cdr. Hickey, Lt. Tlapa, and CWO Moore from the U.S. Coast Guard. They generously donated their time and expertise to help my students make real-world connections concerning non-Euclidean spherical geometry and some of the problems it poses for terrestrial navigation.

Mary Soltys

JDHS math teacher

... for COMTECH help

Even though the dust hasn't quite settled from the whirlwind activity that surrounded COMTECH 2001, the South East Regional Resource Center would like to thank everyone that contributed to this event. In its sixth year, COMTECH attracted a record number of people (more than 620) from throughout the state to participate in dozens of seminars, panel discussions and the technology trade show. But the true success of this event lies within its incredible volunteer force. Without the time and talent contributed by community members, COMTECH simply would not be possible.

We would like to thank Jay Druyvestein, who has served as COMTECH's technical director since its inception in 1996. His expertise and tireless efforts are a major compenent of this event's continued success. Bob Mitchell, Brian Idzik, Steve Kunz, Valleri Collins and Dennis Harris worked as the technical team at Centennial Hall. Ryan Stanley spearheaded the technical committee for the labs at SERRC, Gene Thompson oversaw the technical needs at the Hangar Ballroom and Edwell John Jr. and the UAS IT students - Paula Smedley, Kevin White, Bill Anderson, Ben Johnson, James Kennedy, Shari Jensen, George Jorgenson, David Hutchins and Joe Holstein - contributed their valuable time and talent to all three locations.

Along with the tech team, we would also like to thank the registration, session and trade show volunteers that participated in COMTECH. The following individuals lent invaluable support during the three day event: Eric Bailey, Joyanne Baker, Mary Lou Barry, Yvonne Beasley, Camden Bizard, Joyanne Bloom, Eva Bornstein, Sarah Bosna, Ross Bradner, Judy Brown, Gary Campbell, Aaron Cook, LeRoy Davis, Dottie Davis, Corey Deines, Erich DeLand, Michael Doyle, Sheila Fieldhouse, Jennifer Gorsuch, Carla Green, Ruth Gunderson, Sheryl Hall, Yvonne Harris, Justin Heard, Vivian Hegg, Rhonda Hickok, Joe Holstein, Larry Hurlock, Carl John, Ben Johnson, Linda Kadrlik, Amanda Kays, Jerry Kuelbs, Lillian Lee, Andrew Maas, Betty Marriott, Stella Mauer, Mary McCafferty, Barbie McClung, Denice McPherson, Jan McPhetres, Matt Millon, Elaine Mooney, Barbara Pavlik, Phillip Peter, Molly Phelan, Kyle Phillips, Ann Pierce, Jeanne Rataj, Ronald Reed, Jessica Rehfield, Scott Richmond, Dan Roberts, John Roxburgh, Joyce Sarles, Juanita Satterwhite, Terie Sawyer, Beverly Schutt, Erin Sears, Karen Shoemaker, Glenda Simons, Carin Smolin, Ryan Stangl, Michelle Storer, Doug Sturm, Anne Thibodeau, Sara Waisanen, Jess Wakefield, Eric Webb, Edd Webb, Sheryl Weinberg, Frank Williams and Dale Williams.

Once again, thank you Juneau for your overwhelming support.

Joan Pardes

COMTECH 2001 Coordinator

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