Tricks of the Nordic trails

Posted: Thursday, February 21, 2002

Winter users of the Dredge Lake-Mendenhall Campground-Mendenhall Lake trail system should follow these rules:

• Hikers and dog-walkers should stay out of set classic ski tracks. In the campground, walk on the opposite side of the road from the classic tracks. Footprints are hard to ski through.

• Dog-walkers should clean up their pets' mess. At the least, get it off the trail.

• No snowmachines or all-terrain vehicles are allowed on the Dredge Lake and Mendenhall Campground trails. Motorized users on Mendenhall Lake must watch for other users and stay out of danger zones near the glacial face and any running water, including the start of the Mendenhall River.

• Skiers should watch for thin ice on ponds and lakes. Mendenhall Lake east of a line marked by orange markers between the rock outcropping and the opposite shore, especially near the glacial face, is particularly dangerous. So is the entrance to the Mendenhall River. Moving water creates heat and melts ice.

•Trail conditions and other information is posted on the Juneau Nordic Ski Club Web site,

• The trails can be a bit maze-like and signs are posted at most intersections.

• Parking is limited at most trailheads so park carefully, leaving room for other skiers.

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