Comedic opportunity

Posted: Thursday, February 21, 2002

Despite all of the wonderful local arts and drama offerings available, members of the Alaska State Employees Association should not miss a unique opportunity to see a live presentation of the "Our Gang" comedy executive board meeting to be held in Juneau this weekend. Admission is free for dues-paying ASEA members - but you have to be there to see it because these elected union officials quit keeping a record of their slapstick governance meetings some months ago.

Anyone who can be there should not miss this opportunity to see the ASEA cast of opportunistic buffoons, marching in lock-step circles pretending to be responsible, in their self-important child's play. Modern educational theory has revealed that a lot can be known about children's learning by watching play activities. How children use play experience to build new knowledge - with stimulus from toys and interaction with other children and adults - can help teachers to expand children's range of understanding toward maturity. In fact, recently The Gang learned from their parent organization, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), that recent "emergency measures" to remove the twice-elected president from office without due process was inappropriate behavior for such youthful games. So, in anticipation of the ASEA biennial convention next month in Anchorage, watch for reinstated President Ernie Thomas to further enrich the little rascals' learning environment this weekend in Juneau. The gang is sure to act indignant at requests for an internal audit, while ASEA-endorsed governor candidate Fran Ulmer might even stop by to give a lesson on "fuzzy integrity."

I hate to gush, but any State General Government Unit member who misses this show will have nobody but themselves to blame when the dues paid for the privilege of being a state employee are raised, while the state is held harmless for health benefits, and employee salaries are lowered - all to fund this show.

Donn Liston


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