Juneau's Denton wins two alpine races at Alyeska

JDHS senior leads local contingent at Alyeska Cup/AML

Posted: Friday, February 21, 2003

So who needs snow to train on? Not Juneau Ski Club member Heidi Denton.

Even though she hadn't been able to train most of the season at her hometown Eaglecrest Ski Area, Denton posted the top overall female times in two downhill runs held Wednesday and Thursday as part of the Alyeska Cup at Girdwood's Alyeska Ski Resort.

Denton, a Juneau-Douglas High School senior, also took second place in Monday's giant slalom race, which was part of the transplanted Alaska Marine Lines Series that was moved north because of Juneau's lack of snow and is being held in conjunction with the Alyeska Cup. Denton took third place in Sunday's giant slalom and Saturday's slalom races, which were both part of the Alyeska Cup.

The two ski series are off today with training for the Super G and will continue with two Super G runs on Saturday (one run for the Alyeska Cup and one run for the AML Series). A weather day for make-up events is Sunday, but so far there have been no cancellations.

The top skiers in each age group qualify to represent Team Alaska in the Junior Olympics that will take place in various parts of the country for each age group. The J-1/J-2 western region Junior Olympic races take place March 17-23 at Mammoth Mountain, Calif. The J-3/J-4 western region races are March 20-23 at Big Sky Resort in Montana.

Denton, who competes in the J-1 age group (born in 1984-85), won Thursday's second downhill race in a single-run time of 1 minute, 15.47 seconds. She led Juneau teammate Kristen Brandner, a J-2 skier (born in 1986-87), who took second place in 1:15.97. Erica Durtschi, a J-3 skier (born 1988-89) from Alyeska Ski Club, finished third in 1:16.52, followed by ASC J-3 skier Brittany Mumma in 1:17.02 and Juneau's Gabrielle Wahto, a J-3 skier, who was fifth in 1:17.62.

Elliot Daniels of ASC, who is an adult skier, was the top male finisher in Thursday's second downhill, posting a time of 1:09.55. Rory Casey, a J-2 skier from ASC, took second place in 1:10.97, followed by Juneau J-1 skier Mark Harmon in 1:11.39 and Juneau J-1 skier Nick Yankee in fourth place in 1:11.79.

In Wednesday's first downhill race, Denton was the fastest female skier with a time of 1:14.09. Brandner again took second place in 1:16.31, followed by Mumma in 1:16.74 and Wahto in fourth place in 1:16.96.

Daniels was the top male finisher in Wednesday's first downhill, posting a time of 1:09.39. Casey again took second place in 1:10.68, followed by Yankee in third place in 1:11.83, the only Juneau skier in the top five.

In Monday's AML giant slalom race, Anna Kelly, a J-1 skier from ASC, was the top female finisher with a two-run time of 2:23.73. Denton took second place in 2:30.07, followed by Mumma in 2:31.58. Juneau's Julia Nave, a J-2 skier, took fifth place in 2:32.39.

Daniels was the top male finisher in Monday's AML giant slalom race, posting a two-run time of 2:22.30. Robin White, another adult skier from ASC, took second place in 2:23.91, followed by Casey in 2:24.61 for third place. Two Juneau J-1 skiers rounded out the top-five finishers, with J.C. Grochow fourth in 2:25.53 and Richard Isett Jr. fifth in 2:26.21.

In Sunday's Alyeska Cup giant slalom race, University of Alaska Anchorage skier Julie-Pierre LeClerc won in a two-run time of 2:21.89. Kelly took second place in 2:22.43 and Denton was the only Juneau skier in the top five, finishing third in 2:28.41.

The top male skiers on Sunday were UAA's Christian Ringvold in 2:14.04 and Andreas Neuhauser in 2:17.31, followed by Daniels in third place in 2:20.30. Grochow was the top Juneau skier, taking sixth place in 2:24.34.

LeClerc won Saturday's Alyeska Cup slalom race with a two-run time of 1:18.71. She was followed by Kelly in 1:20.00 and Denton in 1:21.33 for third place, with UAA's Jessica Hamilton fourth in 1:22.54.

UAA's Nicolas Anthonioz was the top male skier in Saturday's opener, posting a time of 1:14.22. Daniels took second place in 1:16.14, followed by ASC's John Love, a J-2 skier, in third place in 1:20.82. Two Juneau skiers rounded out the top five, with Grochow fourth in 1:21.19 followed by J-3 skier Christopher Hinkley in 1:21.24.


Results from the first batch of races of the Alyeska Cup and the Alaska Marine Lines race series held this week at Girdwood's Alyeska Ski Resort. The AML series was scheduled to take place in Juneau earlier this month, but was combined with the Alyeska Cup when there wasn't enough snow to hold the races at Eaglecrest Ski Area. The two race series serve as the state's Junior Olympic qualifying races. The top five overall skiers are listed in each set of results, plus all the Juneau skiers. The results feature the skier's place, name, club (if in top-five finishers), age-group classification and time.


Girls - 1. Heidi Denton (Juneau Ski Club/JSC), J-1, 1 minute, 15.47 seconds; 2. Kristen M. Brandner (JSC), J-2, 1:15.97; 3. Erica Durtschi (Alyeska Ski Club/ASC), J-3, 1:16.52; 4. Brittany Mumma (ASC), J-3, 1:17.02; 5. Gabrielle Wahto (JSC), J-3, 1:17.62. Other JSC skiers: 7. Elise Wahto, J-2, 1:19.44; 8. Julia Nave, J-2, 1:20.02; 10. Akemi Kunibe, J-1, 1:20.61; 12. Sara Cohen, J-3, 1:29.95. DNF: Kayla Harmon, J-3. DNS: Gabrielle Vance, J-3.

Boys - 1. Elliot G. Daniels (ASC), MID, 1:09.55; 2. Rory C. Casey (ASC), J-2, 1:10.97; 3. Mark Harmon (JSC), J-1, 1:11.39; 4. Nick Yankee (JSC), J-1, 1:11.79; 5. John Love (ASC), J-2, 1:12.15. Other JSC skiers: 8. J.C. Grochow, J-1, 1:13.88; 9. Don Meiners, J-2, 1:14.03; 10. Gerrad Craig, J-2, 1:14.27; 13. Christopher Hinkley, J-3, 1:14.80; 17. Richard Isett Jr., J-1, 1:16.26; 18. Joshua Young, J-2, 1:16.51; 19. Zachary Young, J-3, 1:17.35; 20. Pat Shanley, J-2, 1:18.65; 21. Donny Peterson, J-3, 1:18.72; 22. Kyle White, J-1, 1:19.19; 27. Tom Meiners, J-3, 1:27.82.


Girls - 1. Heidi Denton (JSC), J-1, 1:14.09; 2. Kristen M. Brandner (JSC), J-2, 1:16.31; 3. Brittany Mumma (ASC), J-3, 1:16.74; 4. Gabrielle Wahto (JSC), J-3, 1:16.96; 5. Annie Studer (Moose Mountain Alpine Sports Club/MMAS), J-1, 1:17.11. Other JSC skiers: 7. Elise Wahto, J-2, 1:19.25; 8. Julia Nave, J-2, 1:19.27; 9. Kayla Harmon, J-3, 1:19.67; 11. Akemi Kunibe, J-1, 1:20.34; 13. Gabrielle Vance, J-3, 1:24.29; 15. Sara Cohen, J-3, 1:27.56.

Boys - 1. Elliot G. Daniels (ASC), MID, 1:09.39; 2. Rory C. Casey (ASC), J-2, 1:10.68; 3. Nick Yankee (JSC), J-1, 1:11.83; 4. Mack Bergstedt (ASC), MAS, 1:12.16; 5. Cody C. Rice (ASC), J-1, 1:12.22. Other JSC skiers: 7. J.C. Grochow, J-1, 1:13.25; 9. Don Meiners, J-2, 1:14.65; 10. Gerrad Craig, J-2, 1:14.66; 12. Richard Isett Jr., J-1, 1:15.01; 15. Christopher Hinkley, J-3, 1:15.72; 16. Joshua Young, J-2, 1:16.14; 17. Zachary Young, J-3, 1:16.26; 19. Pat Shanley, J-2, 1:16.65; 20. Donny Peterson, J-3, 1:18.41; 22. Kyle White, J-1, 1:20.72; 27. Tom Meiners, J-3, 1:27.26. DQ: Mark Harmon, J-1, Gate 22.


Girls - 1. Anna Kelly (ASC), J-1, two-run time 2:23.73; 2. Heidi Denton (JSC), J-1, 2:30.07; 3. Brittany Mumma (ASC), J-3, 2:31.58; 4. Annie Studer (MMAS), J-1, 2:32.01; 5. Julia Nave (JSC), J-2, 2:32.39. Other JSC skiers: 6. Gabrielle Wahto, J-3, 2:32.81; 8. Kayla Harmon, J-3, 2:33.60; 16. Akemi Kunibe, J-1, 2:44.54; 17. Michaela Goade, J-4, 2:44.91; 19. Lucy Squibb, J-3, 2:49.85; 23. Gabrielle Vance, J-3, 2:55.89; 27. Lyndsey Kelly, J-4, 2:58.82; 29. Sara Cohen, J-3, 3:03.96. DNF: Elise Wahto, J-2, second run. DNS: Kristen M. Brandner, J-2, second run.

Boys - 1. Elliot G. Daniels (ASC), MID, two-run time 2:22.30; 2. Robin M. White (ASC), MID, 2:23.91; 3. Rory C. Casey (ASC), J-2, 2:24.61; 4. J.C. Grochow (JSC), J-1, 2:25.53; 5. Richard Isett Jr. (JSC), J-1, 2:26.21. Other JSC skiers: 8. Joshua Young, J-2, 2:28.97; 9. Zachary Young, J-3, 2:29.45; 10. Gerrad Craig, J-2, 2:30.85; 12. Pat Shanley, J-2, 2:32.54; 15. Kyle White, J-1, 2:34.61; 35. Tom Meiners, J-3, 2:53.39; 37. Brian Vandor, J-4, 2:55.34; 39. Peter E. Nave, J-4, 3:04.65; 40. Peter Erickson, J-4, 3:14.52. DNF: Matthew Vandor, J-5, second run; Donny Peterson, J-3, second run; Mark Harmon, J-1, second run; Christopher Hinkley, J-3, first run; Don Meiners, J-2, first run; Nick Yankee, J-1, first run.


Girls - 1. Julie-Pierre LeClerc (University of Alaska Anchorage/UAA), MID, two-run time 2:21.89; 2. Anna Kelly (ASC), J-1, 2:22.43; 3. Heidi Denton (JSC), J-1, 2:28.41; 4. Annie Studer (MMAS), J-1, 2:30.71; 5. Alannah Rice (ASC), J-4, 2:32.68. Other JSC skiers: 6. Kayla Harmon, J-3, 2:33.95; 7. Gabrielle Wahto, J-3, 2:34.11; 8. Akiemi Kunibe, J-1, 2:34.69; 11. Elise Wahto, J-2, 2:35.71; 14. Julia Nave, J-2, 2:39.22; 15. Kristen M. Brandner, J-2, 2:40.49; 18. Michaela Goade, J-4, 2:44.55; 29. Sara Cohen, J-3, 3:07.84. DNF: Lucy Squibb, J-3, first run; Gabrielle Vance, J-3, first run.

Boys - 1. Christian F. Ringvold (UAA), MID, two-run time 2:14.04; 2. Andreas Neuhauser (UAA), MID, 2:17.31; 3. Elliot G. Daniels (ASC), MID, 2:20.30; 4. John Love (ASC), J-2, 2:22.87; 5. Cody C. Rice (ASC), J-1, 2:23.65. JSC skiers: 6. J.C. Grochow, J-1, 2:24.34; 8. Christopher Hinkley, J-3, 2:26.53; 10. Zachary Young, J-3, 2:27.07; 11. Gerrad Craig, J-2, 2:30.26; 12. Joshua Young, J-2, 2:31.48; 16. Donny Peterson, J-3, 2:35.91; 17. Kyle White, J-1, 2:36.41; 18. Pat Shanley, J-2, 2:36.77; 36. Tom Meiners, J-3, 2:51.07; 42. Matthew Vandor, J-5, 3:03.95; 44. Peter E. Nave, J-4, 3:08.19. DNF: Mark Harmon, J-1, second run; Brian Vandor, J-4, first run; Don Meiners, J-2, first run; Nick Yankee, J-1, first run. DNS: Richard Isett Jr., J-1, first run.


Girls - 1. Julie-Pierre LeClerc (UAA), MID, two-run time 1:18.71; 2. Anna Kelly (ASC), J-1, 1:20.00; 3. Heidi Denton (JSC), J-1, 1:21.33; 4. Jessica Hamilton (UAA), J-1, 1:22.54; 5. Melinda Bartel (ASC), J-3, 1:29.59. Other JSC skiers: 10. Julia Nave, J-2, 1:41.64; 21. Michaela Goade, J-4, 1:53.16; 22. Gabrielle Vance, J-3, 1:54.53; 23. Akemi Kunibe, J-1, 1:55.57. DNF: Kristen Brandner, J-2, second run. DNS: Elise Wahto, J-2, second run. DQ: Lucy Squibb, J-4, Gate 28 second run; Kayla Harmon, J-3, Gate 28 second run; Gabrielle Vance, J-3, Gate 28 second run; Sara Cohen, J-3, Gate 10 first run.

Boys - 1. Nicolas Anthonioz (UAA), MID, two-run time 1:14.22; 2. Elliot G. Daniels (ASC), MID, 1:16.14; 3. John Love (ASC), J-2, 1:20.82; 4. J.C. Grochow (JSC), J-1, 1:21.19; 5. Christopher Hinkley (JSC), J-3, 1:21.24. Other JSC skiers: 10. Zachary Young, J-3, 1:25.60; 11. Donny Peterson, J-3, 1:26.71; 14. Joshua Young, J-2, 1:28.05; 15. Gerrad Craig, J-2, 1:29.25; 23. Tom Meiners, J-3, 1:40.28; 29. Don Meiners, J-2, 1:53.82; 30. Kyle White, J-1, 1:54.13; 33. Richard Isett Jr., J-1, 1:57.77. DNF: Nick Yankee, J-1, second run; Pat Shanley, J-2, second run; Mark Harmon, J-1, first run. DQ: Peter E. Nave, J-4, Gate 1 second run.

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