Avalanche releases powder cloud over downtown Juneau

Posted: Wednesday, February 21, 2007

An avalanche of windblown snow swept down Mount Juneau toward the north side of downtown early Tuesday. No damage or injuries were reported.

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The slide dropped down Chop Gully, a series of documented avalanche chutes, at 7:10 a.m., the Southeast Alaska Avalanche Center reported. The mass of light snow produced a powder cloud that passed Mount Maria and shadowed some houses in the Star Hill area.

The snowslide left few visible signs, and the center said it was difficult to determine its size because most of the snow was airborne.

The slide, however, indicated that wind has been moving snow around at higher elevations, and the center said it would be monitoring chutes near the Behrends Avenue neighborhood for signs of potentially hazardous accumulations.

Previously observed cracks in the White Path avalanche zone and elsewhere in the center's survey area do not appear to be showing any signs of movement, the report said.

The center focuses on slide zones above Behrends Avenue and the area immediately to the west, where slides pose the greatest danger to downtown homes.

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