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Posted: Tuesday, February 22, 2000

This quote is in the Sunday Empire: ``The single bump in the road. . . is the police station's lack of direct access to Egan Drive.'' When I drive by the station, I wonder where direct access could be located, unless wetlands are not a consideration. To me, it appears wetlands encompass the entire north side of Egan from the Lemon Creek to the Williams Express intersection.

Congratulations to the state for setting aside money for trails, but $30,000 for trail work sounds like the state should be putting the projects out to bid rather than giving them to nonprofit organizations.

To the people who want to close the Glory Hole. I'm a high school student and have worked at the Glory Hole. The Glory Hole is a place where you can regroup and get your life back together. I'd like you to think about being in their shoes without a place like the Glory Hole to help you get through the rough times.

I was disappointed to read the comment in the paper about the Glory Hole being a scum hole. I work downtown and I think the Glory Hole is a positive thing for Juneau. It has helped a lot of people to get back on their feet. They don't serve drunk people. They provide beds. If the person who called has such a problem with homeless people downtown, they can move. I hope their close-mindedness doesn't ruin a good thing.

We just moved here from a community of more than two million people. We're wondering why are there so many derelicts and alcoholics staggering around downtown Juneau. There are more here in this small town than the city we left. Can someone explain this to me?

Is Rep. Halcro going to go after the city of Anchorage and make it pay its million-dollar debt to the state of Alaska? This was mentioned in the minutes of the privatization committee that was held during the interim.

You may be right, kayaks aren't completely pure, but those same pollutants are produced while making ATVs, and they just keep on going, kind of like the Energizer Bunny.

I notice Word of Mouth does not mind printing opinions that have a negative reflection on Natives, but don't print any items in there that have truth behind them about how bad the white people treat the Natives.

To the Alaska Native who is bent about being discriminated against, put on some white skin and go to a Bush village. Talk about being spit on, shot at and kicked. You guys carry on racism just as well as anyone else does.

My car died on Egan on Monday and my mom and I would like to thank the gentleman who took us to the gas station. Thanks very much.

I agree, leave the permanent fund alone. How about a state lottery.

The Glory Hole is fine. If you want to clean up downtown, get rid of the bars and liquor stores.

In response to the person who wants to close down the Glory Hole. They should leave their name and address and all those people can come up to their house and have something to eat and they can provide beds and stuff so these people don't have to be on the street.

Lucky Juneau - we got a $10 million paid for by tourist sales taxes during the last three summers. Let's welcome more tourists this year for our next project.

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