Build the golf course

Posted: Friday, February 22, 2002

Obfuscation is certainly the term that comes to mind when reading of the North Douglas Neighborhood Association mention of fish and pesticides when considering the golf course proposal. Golf courses are located near salmon-producing streams throughout British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. By now Juneau must have set a record among towns in the U.S. and the free world for the time it is taking to plan, finance, permit and build a golf course.

I live on a 25-year-old golf course that has six of 18 holes bordering on the Puyallup River. Most of our neighbors are dairy, corn, berry, pumpkin and rhubarb farmers. I don't know what pesticides, if any, are used by the golf course and farmers but I do know the river has a wonderful reputation for sport salmon and steelhead fishing. It's not just the sportsmen enjoying this river. I frequently am reminded of my days living in Southeast when I see the bald eagles perched in nearby trees waiting for their share of the fish. Build the golf course so I can keep working on my game when in Juneau visiting the grandkids.

George Mundell

Orting, Washington

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