Legislative roundup

Posted: Sunday, February 22, 2004

Bills introduced last week:

• Protective orders: House Bill 454 would extend the length of certain domestic violence protective orders from six months to one year.

• Electronic voting: House Bill 459 would require paper records of ballots cast on electronic voting machines.

• Commemorative quarter: House Bill 467 would establish an Alaska Commemorative Coin Commission to oversee the Alaska commemorative quarter design.

• Education fund: House Bill 479 would establish an education fund and a land endownment for public education.

• Cruise ship income tax: House Bill 481 would reimpose the corporate income tax on large commercial passenger vessels operated by certain foreign corporations.

• Reserves tax: House Bill 482 would impose a reserves tax on natural gas producers who fail to sell gas for a natural gas pipeline.

• Long-term fiscal plan: House Bill 493 would direct the Legislature to adopt and annually revise a five-year fiscal plan for balancing state revenues and expenditures.

• Youth vote: House Bill 496 would create a Youth Vote Ambassador Program for students 16 and older, and allows members to serve on election boards.

• State lands: House Bill 498 would require the state to offer up for bid to private landowners each year an amount of land equal to or greater than the amount of private land transferred to public ownership the previous year.

• Firearms possession: House Bill 504 would make it a crime for a person to carry a firearm to a place where liquor is sold to be consumed on the premises if that person drinks any of liquor while there.

• Gaming commission: House Bill 509 would establish an Alaska Gaming Commission to generate revenue and regulate gaming activities in the state.

• Charitable gamming: Senate Bill 331 would prohibit political organizations, nonprofit trade associations and dog mushers' associations from conducting bingo or pull-tab games.

• Board of Wildlife: Senate Bill 343 would change the name of the Board of Game to the Board of Wildlife.

• Groundfish moratorium: Senate Bill 347 would allow the Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission to establish a temporary moratorium on entry of new vessels into state groundfish fisheries in the Gulf of Alaska.

• Oil sale: Senate Bill 348 would approve the sale of royalty oil by the state to Flint Hills Resources.

• Midwifery center: Senate Bill 349 would require the licensing of midwifery birth centers.

Bills voted on last week:

• Senior care (passed Senate): House Bill 374 establishes the senior care program.

Vote - Yeas: 18; Nays: 0; Excused: 2

Sen. Kim Elton (D) - Yea

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