Abortion procedures are not natural

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, February 22, 2005

After reading the letter by Chris Joy (Empire, Feb. 4) that said "Abortion is a natural and necessary right," I was trying to figure out how anyone could make the leap of reason to say abortion is natural. Here are some portions of procedures that the abortion community claims are natural.

1. The embryo or fetus and the placenta are torn to pieces and sucked out into a jar.

2. The baby breathes in and swallows the solution and usually dies in one to two hours. Sometimes death takes many hours, from salt poisoning, dehydration, hemorrhages of the brain, and failure of other organs.

3. Suction curette (hollow tube with a knife-edged tip) is inserted into the womb. This instrument is then connected to a vacuum machine by a transparent tube.

4. Forceps are used to rip away pieces of the developing body and remove them from the womb.

I invite you to spend five minutes and use Internet search engines to look up the following abortion procedures and make an educated decision based on facts, not the letters to the editor.

1. Methotrexate Injection

2. Suction Aspiration (vacuum curettage)

3. Dilatation and Curettage (D&C)

4. Dilation and Evacuation (D&E)

5. Saline Amniocentesis (Salt Poisoning)

6. Prostaglandins Injection

7. Urea Injection

8. Hysterotomy

9. Partial Birth Abortion

Joy mentioned rape occurs 78 times an hour, and abortionists are performing three per minute. Both of these need to be eliminated. Rape and abortion leave victims with scars that are deep and hard to heal.

Many young women feel an unwanted pregnancy is a life-ruining experience and they just want to get rid of the baby without anyone knowing. There are lots of choices and there are organizations, friends, family, and pregnancy centers that are available to give advice on all of your options. Any decision you make will affect you. It should be educated, and you can make the right one with a little help and time. Babies are miracles. Who throws them away?

There is always hope. Even when it seems that you are in the darkest time of your life.

Sam Guthrie


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