District announces Battle of the Books winners

Posted: Sunday, February 22, 2009

Approximately 70 Juneau School District students from third grade through high school participated in the district-level Battle of the Books competitions held at the end of January. Many more students participated at each school site.

Courtesy Of Barb Kreher
Courtesy Of Barb Kreher

To find out more about this reading incentive program, go to www.akla.org/akasl/bb/bbhome.html.

Juneau School District librarians who facilitated the Juneau Battle of the Books were Barb Kreher, JDHS; Raandi Miller, TMHS; Cathy Boutin, DHMS; Pat McLear, FDMS; Ann Boochever, Auke Bay Elementary; Paige Merriam, Gastineau Elementary; Lorrie Heagy and Susan Sielbach, Glacier Valley; Julie Leary, Harborview Elementary; Kris Coffee, Mendenhall Community School and Carolyn Kelley, Riverbend Elementary.

Congratulations to all the Battle of the Books participants.

The Juneau School District held the district level battles on Jan. 29. At noon, the high school battle was held via audio conference. JYC, JDHS and TMHS teams battled with TMHS being the winning team. In the afternoon, Floyd Dryden Library hosted the 7-8 level battle. Teams from Montessori, FDMS and DHMS competed with the FDMS team earning the most points. The 3-4 and 5-6 battles took place in the evening at Glacier Valley Elementary School. MJ Grande, Juneau Public Librarian, read the questions, several high school students and teachers helped out as proctors and many supportive parents cheered the teams from the audience. Auke Bay School's team won the 3-4 battle by answering every question correctly! Harborview Elementary School's team won the 5-6 battle.

District Level Battle team members are as follows:

Juneau-Douglas High School

Ian Andrews, Peter Bellagh, Matthew Staley, Denali Murray-Shapland (alternate); Anna Gonwa-Ramonda, Kelly Lenhart, Lauren Pratt.

Thunder Mountain High School

*MaKenzie DeRego, *Lewis Gates, *Sorcha Hazelton; Thane Maxwell, Zach Lesher, Claressa Ullmayer.

Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School

7-8 Team: Deb Hersrud, Colin McClung, and Brittany Meyer

5-6 Team: Elle Campbell, Reese Milks, and Rick Johnson.

Floyd Dryden Middle School

7-8 Team: *Veronica Buness, *Becky Erickson and *Marina McDowell.

5-6 Team: Jamie Barnhill, Kat Iputi, Darian Pervo, Zander Zellhube (alternate).

Auke Bay Elementary School

3-4 Team: *Cameron Benning, *Annika Pearson, *Liam VanSickle and *Bryson Mitchell (alternate).

5-6 Team: James Cheng, Corbin Mitchell, Soren Thompson.

Gastineau Elementary School

3-4 Team: Devyn Isaak Joel Sleppy Justin Sleppy.

5-6 Team: Keely Ewing, Rylee Landon, Alex Muir.

Glacier Valley Elementary School

3-4 Team: Bryan Bolanos, Dawson Chilton, Alisi Maake, Arianna Rivera.

5-6 Team: Trish Greene, Jessica Scaife, Briana Sievenpiper, Mattison Smith.

Harborview Elementary School

3-4 Team: Winslow Conneen, Trinitey Letterman (alt), Justin Smith, Willa Madden Wood.

5-6 Team: *Johnny Elliot, *Anastasia Hobson-George, *Forest Kobayashi and *Katherine Kane (alternate).

Mendenhall Community School

3-4 Team: Raye Coffee, Kayla Simpson, Kate Stears, Chakra Williams.

5-6 Team: Isabell Bryab, Kelly Olson, Chase Schooler, Maddie Stewart.

Riverbend Elementary School

3-4 Team: Laura Barnhill, Anahita Mehrabad, Mikayla May, Mason Rue (alternate).

5-6 Team: Ashlee Carella, Shelby Eggen, Hayley Germeau.

• Names with asterisks will represent their schools in statewide battles.

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