Youth organize drive for silverware spoons for JDHS lunchroom

Posted: Sunday, February 22, 2009

JUNEAU - The Juneau Alaska Youth for Environmental Action is organizing a community-wide drive to collect silverware spoons and forks for the Juneau-Douglas High School lunchroom, which currently provides only plastic utensils for student use. Silverware contributions will be accepted Feb. 23-28 at several locations in the Juneau area, including Fred Meyer, Super Bear, Wal-Mart, Alaskan & Proud and the JDHS commons.

JAYEA is working to reduce their school's impact on the growing landfill in Lemon Creek. The transition from plastic to metal is one way JAYEA is working to support a sustainable school. "Don't be a dork, bring a fork" and "Don't be a loon, bring a spoon" are two slogans that the youth organization has created to spur student and community contributions. High school student and JAYEA member Merijke Coenraad states that "The silverware drive is a great opportunity to change the way students think about their consumption of products made from non-renewable energy."

Everyone in Juneau is encouraged to donate metal forks and spoons to Juneau-Douglas High School. Contributions should be placed in designated boxes inside the listed businesses and the downtown high school. Support the transition to metal silverware. For more information, contact Talitha Wilson at 789-2720.

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