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Posted: Wednesday, February 23, 2000

I've been in the Glory Hole and seen what is in there. If you feed and clothe them, they don't take responsibility for themselves. They turn around and harass all the people downtown, the tourists and locals. Those men who use that spot should get off the booze and be responsible for themselves.

I've been to the Glory Hole to recruit day labor and I have found very few people willing to work. The rest are there to get the free handouts.

To the irresponsible commercial crabbers with pots set on the Breadline near Cohen Island, someone left a 200-yard oil spill. I will now become active to have this area closed to commercial crabbing.

Juneau is a nice place to live, and progressive and, in fact, we're living in paradise. But we have one serious problem, that is the lack of a telephone for the text telephone deaf in the downtown area that is open after 6 p.m. Perhaps one of the pay phones could have this added to it.

This is in response to calls about discrimination. People need to come together and parents need to teach the kids proper etiquette. Kids are learning from parents. Parents need to teach their children right and wrong.

It's amazing how the backs of the children and poor people are always used to balance the budget. Look at House Bill 260, which is aimed at Denali KidCare and would deny precious children and young people the opportunity for full medical coverage. You legislators, you have everything. You forget about the poor people.

Civilization is judged by how it cares for its less fortunate citizens, and the services and safe haven the Glory Hole provide should make everyone in Juneau proud.

Attention voters: On election day, remember to vote against those legislators supporting tapping into our permanent fund. They can be replaced.

Thirteen years ago, I was one of those so-called scum downtown, that one caller mentioned. Today I own my own home and am a well-known member of the community. To the person who calls Glory Hole people scum, well what have you done in the last 13 years that you can be so totally proud of?

I've got an idea: First, let's remove 26 teaching positions from the school system. Then, in this legislative session, let's cut Denali KidCare. And in the same voting year we can legalize marijuana. That way Alaska would be a great place for our children.

I totally agree that the Empire is biased in its reporting. Look at JDHS basketball this last weekend. Ryan Monagle actually had 14 points and not 12 as reported by the Empire. It's ludicrous.

With all the complaining going on about the Native corporations and ANB bingo, I'm wondering what responsibility does the state of Alaska have to enforce the laws we all have to live by. This is a question out of curiosity.

After reading Sunday's article about state employee pay, it's hard to sympathize with state employees who get at least 24 leave days a year. That's almost four weeks. And they work only 37.5 hours.

I take exception to caller who says the Empire only prints things that make Natives appear in a bad light. I see plenty of positive coverage for Natives. Maybe this caller needs to start reading with unbiased eyes.

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