Who's pulling the strings?

Posted: Sunday, February 23, 2003

I notice many of the signs displayed by the so-called "peace marchers" here in Juneau are identical to the signs used in Seattle and other places so I find it difficult to believe these nationwide marches aren't well organized. I'm sure many of the marchers are innocent well-meaning citizens, but I want to know who is pulling the strings. Nationwide marches with well designed and printed signs are not spontaneous.

All of us are in favor of peace. Some of us realize that peace and freedom come with a price and we have to get off the fence and support one side or the other. I can only believe the marches have chosen to stand up and support a man who murders thousands of his own citizens, has put over 5,000 new mothers in jail cells with their new-born infants in adjoining cells so the mothers have to watch and listen until their babies starve to death, sneered at the U.N., and committed countless other crimes against humanity. My question to the marchers, "What happens to the Iraq people and the rest of the world if we do nothing?" and "Of what value is the U.N. if it does not back its own mandates?"

I'm sure waving a sign and yelling for a noble cause like peace gives one a warm, cuddly, slightly holy feeling. I would ask you to stop and think for a moment of how your rights were gained, what the price was, and who paid that price. Or have we really become so rich, smug, and self-satisfied that we think all we have is at no cost? And have we forgotten 9/11 so quickly?

Phyllis M. Lewis


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