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Posted: Sunday, February 23, 2003

I don't believe the warnings are legit.

They have issued it one too many times. If it happens, it happens.

Terrorists wish to hit areas with large populations. Alaska has small population. Large cities help provide cover for terrorists to operate in because of the anonymity of life there. Alaska towns and cities find strangers easy to spot. Terrorists desire to spread terror and this they accomplish by forcing anti-terror programs on us. I refuse to be intimidated. It is not possible to effectively guard a large population in a free country. Why contribute to a false construct? I ignore the terrorist threat and so should everyone else.

Yes, I have to walk outside to get from the Federal Building to get to the Federal Building (Post Office). How silly is that? All the warnings do is premeditatively instill a sense of unnecessary fear in many people by bringing the "threat" to their hometowns, and making it easier to get support for war (our very own form of formalized terror).

The whole thing smacks of the Bush administration's riveted war agenda and trying to stampede the American public with this yellow, orange and red alert hype just to gain our support for justifying his war rather than exploring other peaceful options.




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