Straight men have the right to tell truth

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, February 23, 2006

Enough already about the rights of the gay people being stepped on and circumvented. My congratulations to the state legislator who had the guts to bring the issue to the floor. I'm not sure the constitutions of Alaska or the United States were looking to protect the so-called rights of a man or woman who wants to marry someone of the same sex, and I don't think the voters do either.

It took years for the gays to crawl out of the closet and start demanding equality because of their sexual orientation. I believe it took years because it was unacceptable when the constitution was written and still is to many today. Homosexuality is riding the shirttails of other immoral human behavior, such as adultery and pornography, that is allowed to manifest itself in our country today because of lawyers, judges, politicians and sadly us, because we've become indifferent to the onslaught worried more about making a life in a screwed-up country.

I have a couple of rights too: I choose not to support my taxes paying benefits to gay couples living together and not married because of laws against that sort of thing. Medical benefits are a desirable item these days and if a man and woman choose to live together and not marry the partner is not automatically entitled to the other's benefits. Yeah, I know it's their choice, but what the gays want is against the law and therefore they are not entitled to benefits unless they work for the state .

The other right I have is to disagree, and boy do I. I know it's wrong; real pastors and ministers of the gospel know it's wrong, and many of the gays know in their heart that it's wrong. It's an unnatural (the Bible calls it an abomination) lifestyle.

I will not sit under the authority of a pastor in a church who is either gay or who supports that lifestyle. I'm having enough trouble trying to stay out of hell as it is, and I don't need a pastor already standing on a slippery slope to pull me out.

I don't believe gay people should be attacked, ridiculed or embarrassed, but I do believe they should be told the truth.

We all have rights, but no one's rights should infringe upon the rights of others.

John Mielke


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