Why waste money on education?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, February 23, 2006

Alaska is a state rich in natural resources, minerals, fish, timber and oil. We must utilize our resources. To do so, we must have new roads, a rail system to the Lower 48, better barge lines and factories to manufacture items, such as copper pipe. We must drill our own oil wells and build a refinery. Call it Alaska Resident Co-op and sell fuel for cost. This would benefit all Alaskans.

Last year, Alaska was in a financial bind. We must save and spend our money wisely. The University of Alaska wants $542 million this year. That's about $17,400 per student. Eighty percent of the jobs in Alaska do not require a college degree. University President Hamilton was hired to cut costs. He knows how! I believe he is being corrupted by the regents to inflate costs. I believe the entire regents must be terminated to save our university. Five hundred and forty two million dollars a year would buy all Alaskans a large oil refinery or 542 miles of new roads, several ocean-going barges to export products or a good start on a rail system to down south.

Let's limit university spending to $100 million a year. It's sinfully wrong when university people walk on marble floors, while Alaska's elderly get their health care and benefits cut. Our children at grade school level are stupid. We have excellent teachers and schools with Stone Age curriculum. Let's adopt private school methods. The Department of Transportation is totally overstaffed in administration and engineers. I see basically no new roads in more than 20 years. They have accomplished virtually nothing, except collect paychecks. Alaska should carry its own workman's compensation and stop paying huge profits to insurance companies. We must stop catering to large tour companies. They leave little money and want to make Alaska a park.

If Alaskans want to lose their permanent fund dividend, hurt the elderly and have stupid kids, vote for Republican Frank Murkowski and our current legislators again.

Phil Zastrow

North Pole

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