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Posted: Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Empire’s recent article (“AEL&P pushes for Anchorage rate hearing,” Feb. 21) contained important factual errors.

AEL&P’s filing to the Regulatory Commission of Alaska regarding the location of its rate case hearing can be viewed on the RCA’s website. First, contrary to what the article stated, AEL&P did NOT push for the hearing to be held in Anchorage. Instead, AEL&P stated it does NOT oppose the hearing being held in Juneau (or Anchorage), but requested in-person participation by the RCA commissioners assigned to the case and that the hearing be held at a facility suitable for this type of hearing.

Second, the article incorrectly stated that AEL&P’s attorney said no hearing facilities are available in Juneau. To the contrary, AEL&P is certain that there are several suitable hearing facilities in Juneau. That is why AEL&P’s filing requested that a Juneau hearing “be held in a courtroom or other similar hearing room that is suitable for a five day adjudicatory, trial type hearing.”

Obviously, Juneau has several courtrooms and hearing rooms suitable for such a hearing, and AEL&P merely requested that a Juneau hearing be held in one of them.

Tim McLeod


Alaska Electric Light & Power

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