Attack from the right

Posted: Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A return to the medieval Dark Ages of autocratic fiefdoms and a bigoted, economically-bifurcated, enslaved serfdom; this is the unwitting policy direction a right-wing, Republican leadership wishes to avail our democratic republic. Controlling those of us already matured beyond the immature, teenage impulses warned by the seven deadliest of sins (of which many rRight-wing leaders are guilty and so think all others are similarly tempted), is the entire extent of policy promoted by the new majority in the U.S. House. They are condemning us to misery by destroying everything that brought civil society out of the last dark-age. From decimating the only legislation this country has to retard the catastrophe of climate change and ecological disaster (defunding EPA laws!); defunding arable land and water securing consumer protection laws; and making theocratic, community health where counseling on “choice” is administered. They live in a Machiavellian reality of medieval times! National devolution began in the 1980s with Reagan’s Air Traffic Controller’s union busting and they’ll now stop at nothing to eradicate their only opposition to their maniacal drive to control ideas in our society; collective bargaining. Labor Unions will do nothing but reverse this drive to social immaturity that is destroying the quality of human existence.

The right wants only to win control, at any cost. The left wants only to shepherd social advancement.

John S. Sonin


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