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For audiences, players and fans, new "dot-com" has a range of content

Posted: Thursday, February 24, 2000

A few minutes on the Internet could help you decide what band to see next weekend. And the next time a band needs a player for a gig, Bill Kozlowski hopes they look at .

Kozlowski and Ryan Stanley of Juneau have created and posted an online magazine and bulletin board for local music, called One musician has already linked his Web page to the site, and Kozlowski said it has the potential to be a resource for musicians, music lovers and club managers. offers downloadable music by local songwriters, a calendar of upcoming musical events, classified ads, reviews and a chat room. Access is free to all the components of the site.

A click on the classifieds button on the home page shows there are no classifieds or reviews listed yet. But Kozlowski hopes that as musicians begin posting contributions and using the site it will gain momentum.

``Seattle has the Rocket,'' he said, referring to the free bi-weekly Northwest music tabloid. ``Now if someone says, `I need a bass player for my band at the Alaskan Thursday night, or we need an oboe player' - they can find it.''

Kozlowski and Stanley are guitarists in the Juneau rock band Peabody's Monster, and Stanley owns Alaska Media, a new media development company based in Juneau. Alaska Media offers audio and visual networking through the Internet, and Kozlowski is a Web page designer with the company.

Kozlowski said they've invested about 150 hours into building the site, and plan to spend about 10 hours a month maintaining it. He's also willing to record local musicians at performances and post their music on the site with a new technology called MP-3. The format allows music files to be compressed, transmitted via the Internet and downloaded.

``I'd really love to have every band in town that has an MP-3, or that has music they want MP-3'd loaded on the site,'' he said.

Kozlowski said club owners could check out a band in a ``virtual audition'' through Musicians new to town, visitors and Juneau audiences could listen to the music of local players, see pictures and biographies, and even discuss music through the site.

Kozlowski said some musicians are a little shy about approaching a performer in a bar and asking about collaborating or jamming. The Internet can make that introduction a little easier. He said most of the musicians he knows are into computers and are online.

``Musicians are already dealing with technology, whether it's a pickup for an acoustic guitar or a super cool new pedal you can program Jimi Hendrix's distortion through,'' he said.

``I think it's promising,'' said Juneau musician Ford James, who is the first local player to join Peabody's Monster on the site. The bassist and guitarist had already created a Web page to promote his CD of original jazz compositions, ``This One Moment,'' and had planned to create something similar to himself.

``He's done all the work,'' James said. `` I'd like to talk with him about developing the site.''

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