Cover up Cosmo cover

Posted: Thursday, February 24, 2000

I was thrilled to read in USA Today on Feb. 21 that Kroger, the nation's largest food chain, had installed racks to cover all but the name of Cosmopolitan magazine. I have been offended for some time by the covers flaunted at the checkouts of our local food stores. I intended to contact the management of some of them to urge similar action. However, in the rush to get tasks done before I left town recently, I didn't get that done.

Upon my return Feb. 16, I was pleased to observe that Fred Meyer had installed covers for this magazine, which was described as a blend between a legitimate magazine and soft porn. I hope the other distributors will take similar action immediately. In a day when sex crimes and abuse are so rampant, we surely do not need to promote lewdness.

Bill Elkinton

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