Tattletales not appreciated

Posted: Thursday, February 24, 2000

I am a 17-year-old male who attends Juneau-Douglas High School. Recently five drill teamers were kicked off of drill team after a party occurred two weekends ago.

A certain mom found out the names of other teen-agers who attended the party and felt the need to call their parents and let them in on the conspiracy that happened over the weekend.

Now right there is a wrong. The phrase, ``charity starts at home,'' does not apply to these so called do-it-all-moms. The thing is, usually these moms are wealthy, and the only way their child could get in to trouble is by someone else's kid who obviously wasn't raised properly. Their kids are pure and outside distractions are the reason for their bad behavior, if they ever hear about what their child did.

I recently had a chat with this mom who decided to notify every parent that there kid was at the party, and have determined that she neglects what goes on in her household but you can bet your butt that she's going to put a stop to any other parent's bad-behaving child. Is there a neighborhood watch, for the entire city of Juneau that I didn't hear about, because this isn't the first time this has happened and it's not the last.

Now let me put something down for the record: I have not given birth to children, I have never raised a child, but when I do have a child (which I pray is no time soon) I will be there for him. I will make sacrifices for him. But I will not put my nose in other people's business. To the parent that notified the other parents about their children, charity starts at home. Those are words to live by.

Emil West

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