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Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2002

It's finally time for fiction!

"The Gryphon," by Nick Bantock, is the latest volume of correspondence between Griffin and Sabine, two characters who have been exchanging postcards and letters in Bantock's books for over ten years. By turns philosophical, romantic, and enigmatic, the correspondence continues to draw readers in.

"The Wolfhunt," by Gillian Bradshaw, tells the story of Marie, abducted from her priory in Normandy to live in Brittany, and the knight Tiarnan. When Tiarnan disappears and is presumed dead, Marie suspects his wife has had something to do with it. But will Marie be able to figure out Tiarnan's secret and rescue him?

"Magic Time," by W.P. Kinsella (the author of "Shoeless Joe," which became the movie "Field of Dreams"), is Mike's story about playing baseball in the Cornbelt League in Iowa. Baseball and romance with a twist of self-examination at the end makes for good reading.

"Lucky Us," by Joan Silber, investigates the ties that bind us to our loves. Elisa and Gabe are lovers with interesting pasts, planning a spring wedding. Then Elisa has a blood test that will influence the rest of their lives...

"The Good Men," by Charmaine Craig, spans three generations in its story of how the inquisition came to a small mountain village in southwestern France. The followers of a French group called the Good Men are the targets, and they include many pivotal members of the village.

"Treason," by David Nevin, shows power politics at the birth of our country. James Madison, Aaron Burr, and the only U.S. commander know to have been a traitor, General James Wilkinson, are the key players in this highly researched novel of ambition and greed.

"Conjuring Maud," by Philip Danze, is the life story of a fictional circus magican whose youth was spent in colonial West Africa. Destined for a career in medicine, David is swayed towards magic by a series of events, and by his intriguing relationship with a woman 16 years his senior.

"The Beacon Best of 2001," edited by Junot Diaz, is a collection of stories, poems and writings by men and women from all over the world, reprinted from a variety of sources.

Next week: new books on tape!

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