Going to extremes

Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2002

It was an evening to wear one's best frayed rope, dryer hose or wood shavings. An evening to don one's favorite mermaid's tail (with political slogans about fish farms written on the flukes). It was a night in which plastic packing material was transformed into a lacy, beribboned (and amazingly see-through) gown of a Southern belle, who was accompanied by her fluffy, beribboned Southern dogs.

So many photos we couldn't put them on one page. Click here to see exclusive photos from the Wearable Art Extravaganza.

February 22nd, 2002.

It was "Going to Extremes: Wearable Art Extravaganza," the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council's second annual fashion show of art you can wear. Models sashayed down the runway more than 35 times on Friday night in outfits that ranged from the sublime to the silly. The Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall was packed with a crowd that enjoyed a buffet table laden with snacks, a silent auction and the classical sounds of the Ursa Major Ensemble before the main event even began. And then came the extraordinary fashion from ordinary stuff.

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